Greater Tampa Sertoma Club
Saturday, January 19, 2019

SERvice TO MAnkind Award 2012

Each year Sertoma recognizes an individual for his or her contributions in Service to Mankind. This individual is a Non-Sertoman which has done outstanding volunteer or philanthropic work in their community.

Local clubs submit their candidates to the Sertoma District to which they belong. The Sertoma District then picks the District Service to Mankind Award recipient. This process continues to the region and then to International where Sertoma International chooses the International Service to Mankind Award winner.
Greater Tampa Sertoma Club is proud to have selected
as our club SERVICE

Club President Phil Amuso presenting the Service to Mankind Award to Kay.
Kay's  true mission belongs to Canine Companions for
,(CCI). S
he is currently raising her 9th puppy, Elia, which she keeps for 18 months.The Plaque awarded to Kay is a small gesture for all the many hours Kay devotes to the Tampa community.
Kay was accompanied at the award ceremony by Elia

CCI breeds approximately 1000 dogs per year and are shipped to
‘puppy raisers’ all over the country. The dogs are bred to retain
specific genetic traits. After 18 months, the dogs are trained for
6 to 9 months. The release rate is 50-70%. She said, “Only the best
dogs complete the final training”. Trained dogs are introduced to
prospective handicapped ‘partners’. The dog picks the “partner”,
the bond is evidenced when the dog denies an attempt to move the

animal to another partner. The dogs that don’t complete the final
training become ‘court dogs’. Kay said she accepted this
recognition on behalf of CCI